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In 2004, Robert Batora and Chris Bielski formed B-Squared in the hopes that industries would save time and money using their thoughtful gap and flush measuring tools.

We found quality personnel and engineers using all types of tools from inaccurate homemade measuring tools and hard to read taper gauges to expensive, bulky, optical gauges that can cost over $40k.  

Thus, B-Squared was born.  We build high quality, cost effective gauges that are very easy to use.Some even fit in your pocket. We offer many models for standard applications or we will customize a solution to fit your needs.


Our customers come from around the globe, including industry leaders such as Boeing, Honda, Airbus and Tesla. Though their products and locations are diverse, they all have two things in common, a need for uncompromising quality and the vision to see that great products are built using great tools.


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